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What is Positive Thought Solutions Really About?
Positive Thoughts Solutions, LLC is a company that helps businesses and colleges develop more emotionally intelligent leaders, with the right positive mindset. This helps students to be better organizational leaders and perform better academically. It also helps businesses to increase revenue,  and improve employee retention and workplace culture.  We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients and providing the best experience possible, with the results they desire.

Why Do Clients Trust Positive Thoughts Solutions, LLC?
The primary reason clients trust us, is we provide the results that they want. We also provide excellent customer service; our top priority is a high quality client experience, in all aspects of us working together. We are flexible and offer in person and virtual engagements to suit your needs.  We offer quality; we assure that our clients get the best quality experience. We make sure to reinforce positive thinking in your everyday routine.
We help shape mindsets to bring out the best of what’s inside.
We offer high value and impact for each one of our clients.

Control Your Mindset To Control Your Life Book

This book was 19 years in the making! Chris suffered from anxiety disorder, depression , low self confidence and feeling like he couldn’t be successful. When he got to his breaking point, through his faith in God, he decided that he needed to get help. In the help he received through his mental health therapist and his own internal work and experience, he discovered what positive thinking was. This discovery allowed him to be able to develop his mindset to be beneficial for him and not toxic as it had been in his struggle. The Mindset shift he had in relation to his faith, his success, his belief in himself and so much more, allowed him to go from almost getting kicked out of college, to becoming a national multi- award winning dual engineer, professional speaker, author and entrepreneur. Grab a copy of the book at the link, to find out how he was able to do it and how you can improve your mindset, to reach your dreams and goals.

Our Vision

What Is Our Vision Regarding Your Mindset?
Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation. If you have a growth mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities can be developed over time through effort and persistence. Our vision is to have you believe you can do anything and be everything you want to be in your life.

Our Mission

At Positive Thoughts Solutions, LLC, we’re taking an approach to building a well-lived life. We now know that happiness is a skill that can be strengthened—and we want to make the benefits of scientific discovery readily available and usable by you in an interactive way and carve it into your mindset. We want to provide fun, positive, individualized, and centralized pathways to greater happiness in an increasingly stressful and complex world. Above all, we’re here to empower you to take control of your emotional life—and we’re giving you the tools to do it.

Our Community

Tapping into our community starts with activating your own. Most successful projects build a snowball effect, winning over friends and early supporters who then share the idea with their networks and signal their support to the wider Positive Thoughts Solutions community. The snowball can get pretty big. Drop by drop; we form the sea together. Some clients who have trusted Positive Thought Solutions, LLC to execute their programs include Oakland Community College, Wilmington College, the National Society for Black Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Engineers, the Corporate Counsel for Men of Color, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., the Jack and Jill of America Foundation, among others.

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We will put together a plan to help you achieve your goals and help bring out the best in everyone who attends the program!

Our Team

We’re an independent company of people driven with work ethic, working together. We spend our time designing and building Positive Thoughts Solutions, LLC, forging community around creative projects, and supporting the innovation ecosystem around us. We’re website developers, graphic designers, support specialists, writers, among other titles.
It takes all types of talent to solve massively complex, global problems—so we’ve built a team specifically equipped to tackle the challenges that the world faces every day.
Join us in our journey.

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